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  • IT solutions with long-term results

    Big Rack Technology is here to stay! We won't leave you high and dry. We're here to assist with any long or short term projects.

    Specialized in all IT services

    Big Rack Technology takes pride in being a company that is a Jack of many IT traits.

    Support for Business and Home

    Big Rack Technology isn't just for Businesses. We'll also assist Home users.

  • Big Rack Technology offers IT Consulting where we can inventory your current setup, go over your infrastructure goals, then provide a quote and even implement any changes.  We also offer our own Managed Service, IT Care.

  • IT Care is Big Rack Technology's Managed Service which provides a hassle free management service for all your workstations, servers, network equipment and printers.  IT Care physically monitors your hardware by installing an application to your workstation or server.

  • Workstations and Servers must be able to communicate with one another and out to the Internet.  Big Rack Technology is here to assist whether your current network just needs monitoring for intrusions, you're looking to expand capacity for additional workstations, or to increase bandwidth.

  • Data is the lifeblood of any business.  Let Big Rack Technology help you secure and protect your data from corruption, drive failure, and potential hacking.  We can also assist with setting up Cloud Storage and Specific User Access rights.

  • Technology only works when it's well oiled like any other machine.  A part of Big Rack Technology's IT Care is preventive maintenance where we physically clean out all dust and debris from within the workstation, server, or piece of network equipment. 

  • Even though we pride ourselves as a managed service provider we also perform all of those services we bundle under IT Care a la carte as well.  Click here to see a break down of those services.

  • We've all been in the position where one of our trusted piece of technology decides it doesn't want to do it's job.  Technicians at Big Rack Technology deal with these issues day in and day out.  It's part of the reason why we work the jobs we do.  If at any time your technology decides it doesn't want to cooperate, please don't hesitate to give us a call. 

    We have more than 15 years of experience in the computer repair, data retrieval, networking, Point Of Sale, and Corporate Environments including Data Centers and Call Centers. Working with our company gives you the benefit of:

    • Flexible appointment hours that accommodate your busy schedule
    • Free diagnostic consultations
    • Contracts available for emergency services, routine maintenance, and help desk / remote monitoring 
    • Reasonable rates
    • Meticulous, systematic approaches to computer diagnostics and repairs
    • Locally Owned and Operated
    • Attention to Detail 
    • Fully Licensed and Insured 


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  • Since Big Rack Technology, LLC has installed and serviced our network more than 2 years ago it has run extremely well. With regular monthly maintenance and occasional software upgrades the network has run flawlessly with virtually no emergency downtime or lost data. My employees are also very happy to work with Big Rack Technology, LLC because of the prompt responses to their questions. All in all I would highly recommend Big Rack Technology, LLC’s services to any business.

    Alice Frank

  • We were constantly having inventory taken from our warehouse. So we had Big Rack Technology, LLC install high resolution security cameras on the outside of the building. We finally caught the guys taking our stuff and also learned they had copied our key. We were looking at getting rid of mechanical keys anyway so yet again Big Rack Technology, LLC set us up with a key less system. Now we have security cameras monitoring all of our facilities and we no longer use mechanical keys. The video records are amazing and having a log of who badged into what door at what time is great to have come audit time.

    Jeff McWick

  • The IT support service provided by Big Rack Technology, LLC is terrific. It relieves me of the responsibility of system maintenance, while providing peace of mind that our system is protected, compliant and efficient. Using a 3rd party vendor is much more cost effective than hiring full time personnel. I am pleased to recommend Big Rack Technology, LLC, as they provide a highly valued service to our firm.

    Brian McGregor